Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing

Bsc applied statistics with computing

Bachelor of Science Applied Statistics With Computing


Statistics is an inductive science in which information is extracted from sample data in order to draw inferences. This most often involves planning experiments to ensure that valid answers to questions are obtained from the sample. Statistics is a subject that deals with the collection and analysis of data and affects most aspects of modern life. It is a subject that derives vitality in coping with practical problems, which arises in all fields of scientific activities. Statistical methods are exclusively used Biological and Physical Sciences, Agriculture, Business, Finance, Economics, Engineering, and many other fields. It deals rationally and objectively with the uncertainty that accompanies variation phenomena as highly complex as the interplay of many factors that affects our environment. Investigator’s efforts to learn about a specific phenomenon, be response of a patient to a certain medical treatment or the effectiveness of a particular instructional program on student’s learning, are impacted by the presence of natural variation. The field of statistics is concerned with valid and efficient way to learn more about these phenomena in the presence of such variation.

The statistician’s task is to determine what data to collect, how to collect and how to analyze. These problems are discussed under design of Experiments and Sample Surveys. Statistical inference is concerned with inferring what the population is like on basis of the sample. The link between population and sample is provided by Probability Theory, which forms an important part of the curriculum. Developing and assessing statistical models to describe the variation in some response in terms of other explanatory variables and applications of these models is discussed.

Other areas in Pure and Applied Mathematics that find applications in Statistics include Calculus, Linear and Abstract algebra, Combinatory, Difference and Differential equations. Since a statistician requires a background courses in computer programming and applications are incorporated.


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