Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bsc computer science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
The mission of Moi University School of Science is to produce graduates with practical and intellectual skills appropriate to the needs of the present and future Kenyan society. As Kenya gears towards industrialisation, the Faculty of Science ensures that its students acquire skills and knowledge that will enable them to make a positive contribution to national development. In this context the Faculty will equip the students with skills appropriate for the transfer of modern information technology.

The computer science curriculum reflects the multidisciplinary nature of science, and contains diverse courses ranging from basic physical sciences to applied courses in mathematics, physics, communication, information technology, business and management, economics and social science.

The curriculum encourages the student to acquire the important skills of self-directed learning, problem solving and effective communication. The graduate is expected to be proficient in a variety of settings, which shall include management of computer information or systems, teaching and undertaking research activities.

    The Faculty of Science offers postgraduate training at the Masters and Doctorate levels. This curriculum is therefore also intended to provide the students with a sound basis for the future postgraduate work.

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