Bachelor of Science in Physics

Bsc Physics

Bachelor Of Science in Physics


The Department of Physics, in accordance with the general objectives of the University offers a programme of study which would satisfy the needs and aspirations of the society from which its students are drawn. The programme is sufficiently flexible to permit and encourage students to develop interest in relevant fields and specialist option topics. These specialist options/topics are specifically oriented towards industrial applications and the overall pattern of employment of physics graduates. The department also offers basic courses and service courses to science and engineering oriented schools.

Design of the Programme
The first year is spent on basic science courses and the students therefore take all the 8 units offered by the Department of Physics. In second year, students opting to major in any areas of Physical Sciences have to register for 12 units in the department of Physics, 12 units in Chemistry, 18 units in Mathematics and 3 units of an IRD course. The third and fourth years are devoted to an intensive study of theoretical and experimental physics courses. In year three of study, students majoring in Physics will take the 24 units in the Department of Physics and 18 units from other Science courses identified by the department. During the fourth year the students shall take the 27 units of the core courses and 15 units of elective courses offered by the department or by other departments. There are laboratory practices, machine workshop practice and guided research project throughout the four years of study. These are aimed at developing the graduate’s practical skills. The programme provides graduates not only with a specialized knowledge of the subject but also a mind which has been trained and exposed to well established scientific and technological procedures

Course Structure



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