Dphil in Biostatistics


The D. Phil. Programme (Biostatistics) is intended to guide candidates to work independently, arrive at new insights and contribute to research in a wide range of research projects in Biostatistics. It is tailored to allow the student to make a distinct contribution to the knowledge and understanding of Biostatistics and afford evidence of ability to carry out original research in a well-defined problem in Biostatistics. The coursework shall be taken along with research and thesis work for cognitive and theoretical understanding of the area of specialisation in Biostatistics. This programme, it is hoped, shall jumpstart industrialization perceptions in developing countries.

Design of the Programme

All current D. Phil. level courses are core. The minimum number of units of coursework shall be 21 units; comprising 12 units of all the four level 9 courses (D.Phil. level). The remaining 9 units shall include at least two level 9 courses and one level 8 course (M. Phil. level) which must, consist of STA 810, STA 910 and STA 912. A candidate who has successfully taken the required level 9 and/or 8 courses during the master’s studies shall be credited no more than 9 units towards the D. Phil. course units. All coursework shall be done in the first year. Coursework, research and thesis work distributed throughout the D. Phil. degree programme shall be as follows:

Year 1

Semester I- 9 units of M. Phil. level credit and/or taught coursework and 6 units of Research Proposal.

Semester II- 12 units of coursework and 3 units of Research Proposal.

Year 2

15 units of research throughout the year

Year 3

15 units of research thesis throughout the year

Course Structure




STA 916

Optimum Experimental Designs and Information Matrices


STA 917

Admissibility and Bayes Designs


STA 918

Response Surface Methodology II


STA 919

Strata for Randomized Experiments


STA 920

Research Project


M.Phil. Level courses credited and/or taught

STA 810, STA 910 and STA 912                               9

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