Doctor of Philosophy in Parasitology

Dphil in Parasitology

The objective of this programme is to develop high–level scholarship and research capability in the areas of general medical and veterinary parasitology and applied immunology, epidemiology and control of parasitic infestations. The objective is to produce graduates with good understanding and high research capability in all aspects of the biology of parasitic infections in humans and other animals, and who can critically assess classical and modern approaches to the daevelopment of therapeutic agents and vaccines for the prevention of parasitic infestations

Design Of The programme

This programme normally consists of coursework, examination and thesis. The minimum units of coursework for D.Phil Programme is 21 units which will be made up of either 20 units of level 9 courses (D.Phil. level) and 1 unit from level 8 (M.Phil. level) or 17 units of level 9 and 5 units from level 8 courses. All coursework shall normally be done in the first year of study for both full–time and part–time students. Course Schedules, Codes and Titles

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