Students gain knowledge and skills in horticulture during attachment

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Students gain knowledge and skills in horticulture during attachment

All students in their third year go for attachment to gain practical skills in different aspects within their course. This year, a group of students from the School of Sciences and Aerospace Studies (SSAS) were attached at Del’s Farm Limited in Eldoret. The farm is owned by Daniel Rotich and focuses on fresh commercial farm produce and mushroom and spawn production. The scope of the industrial attachment covered different aspects of botanical and microbiological respects learnt in theory back in class. “The different species of mushroom including button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) and oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus), both edible and nutrient-rich basidiomycetes are reared in Del’s Farm. We also gained hands on experience starting from compost and substrate preparation, sterilization, spawning and pinning.” Said one of the students attached at the farm.

Throughout the process, different parameters including humidity, temperature and light intensity, are regularly monitored, controlled and noted down. Apart from mushrooms, different horticultural crops are grown in Del’s Farm including spinach, kales, tomatoes, chillies, pumpkin and different indigenous vegetables such as Amaranthine sp., Spider plants and nightshade plants. The students also gained knowledge on the use and benefits of organic manures over the inorganic ones, preparation of compost, biological and chemical reactions within, duration and usage. 

So far, we have benefited from practical skills emanating from the theoretical class work, interaction and working with skilled professionals thus learning by both observation and practice. We also gained experience by having a feel of working in a professional setting as compared to the familiar classroom setting” Acknowledged one of the students. 


Photo: The students, the Dean SSAS Prof. Ambrose Kiprop (at the center in a white shirt) and next to him is Mr. Rotich, owner of Del’s Company.


Mwashao Samuel - SC/108/18 - Bachelor of Science (Botany Major)

Koech Brian - SC/71/18 - Bachelor of Science (Botany Major)

Muinde Ngao Edward - SC/115/18 - Bachelor of Science (Botany Major)

Kokita Anne - SC/11/18 - Bachelor of Science (Zoo Major)

Jerono Gladys - SC/17/17 - Bachelor of Science (Zoo Major)

Kinya Phillip - SC/147/18 - Bachelor of Science (Botany Major)

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