Department of Aviation Management & Operation

Cpt. John Kili

Chair Department of Avation Management & Operation

Department of Avation Management & Operation


The department of Aviation Management and Operations was originally a school called Aerospace sciences. The school was collapsed to a department when the university undertook an exercise of harmonization of programs. 

The School of Aerospace Sciences was established in September 2009 with a view to offering degree courses in Aviation and Space sciences, but it instead offered a degree course in Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Sciences and Operations thus concentrating on aviation. The degree course has three options; Professional Pilot, Aerospace Security and Aerospace Logistics, with the student admission done locally and internationally on a privately sponsored basis.

Bachelor of Civil Aviation Management as a standalone program since 2014 was transferred to the school in the year 2018 from the School of Business and Economics where it was done initially as an option under Bachelor of Business Management. The student admission is done through government placement and privately self-sponsored arrangement.

The two programs are housed in the department of Aviation Management and Operation, where it has produced quality graduates who have knowledge and appropriate skills to serve and meet the challenges in the aviation industry. The programmes are designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of career in the aviation industry. The department also offers a non-degree course in Private Pilot license (PPL), Commercial Pilot license (CPL) and Multi-Engine (ME) and Instrument Ratings (IR).

The courses offered in the department are informed by the industry needs to address the issues that arise. The department is contemplating to develop courses to match the changing industry requirements as it moves in tandem with the ever evolving technology in the aviation industry. Therefore, the programmes have been designed to combine a broad-based core of units covering the major functions of academic and vocational skills, with an in-depth specialist variant.

Specifically the students are equipped with the knowledge for decision making, situational awareness, adapt to external conditions while in space, flight planning, coordination in flight, multitasking in flight management and operations as well as flight coordination. Additional variants are introduced to enable students to make sound decisions by the use of logical analyses and to solve multi-variant problems with the assistance of a wide range of analytical techniques and also improve the students’ self–confidence and ability to present their problems and solutions in a manner acceptable to specific to aviation.

Members of teaching staff have the expertise and wide experience to impart knowledge and skills in diverse areas necessary to have quality graduates. The department also has facilities in form of the hangar, servicing equipment, aircraft for ground training and for airborne training. It also has access to other external facilities required to complete the training, which include Eldoret International Airport runway, Tower, Firefighting Department, Meteorological Department, and Eldoret Airstrip among others.

Collaboration with Oklahoma State University (USA) facilitated the start of the degree programme of Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Operations and still running. The department also has collaborations with the East African School of Aviation (EASA), Shenyang Aerospace University (China) and Middle Tennessee State University (USA).


To achieve your dreams in Aviation studies, welcome to the Moi University, department of Aviation Management & Operations.




Cpt. John Kili  COD
Mr. Daniel O. Odido Lecturer
Cpt. Miren Haria Deputy Chief Flight Instructor
Mr. Timothy K. Tanui Tutorial fellow
Mr. Stephen Kibet Kemboi Graduate Assistant
Mr. Allan E. Ang’elei Chief Ground Instructor


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